Talking Out Loud on the Internet

In the last two years, I have stepped back from full-time academic research and teaching for a decidedly different area of work. I miss it a great deal - not just the immersive feeling of really working through a topic, but also the incredible conversations that spark up with friends and colleagues who are also committed to always asking questions - both serious and ridiculous. For that reason, I will jump at any chance to dabble in conversational exploration.

Hannah McGregor and Marcelle Kosman are endlessly driven and passionate feminist scholars who have taken up podcasting as a way to engage in public pedagogy and critical work. They have also found their podcasting endeavours to be valuable mediums for performing and reinforcing friendship while wanking around on the internet. I have been incredibly delighted to join Marcelle and Hannah to talk semi-seriously about the Harry Potter world on a couple of episodes of Witch, Please, and recently I also joined Hannah on her conversation-based show, Secret Feminist Agenda to talk about politics and the kinds of knowledge that can become politically valuable. Links below! (Also: all episodes of both podcasts are fantastic, and you should join the circle of devoted listeners.)

Secret Feminist Agenda, Episode 1.5: Can(n)ons and Revolutions with Andrea Hasenbank

Witch, Please, Episode 7B: The Goblet is Political

Witch, Please, Episode 16.5: British Technocratic Wet Dreams